Shea butter, 250g – Unrefined, Cold Pressed & 100% Raw


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For individuals with sensitive skin, for those who are looking to stay away from artificial chemical-rich creams and for those looking to enhance skin health, skin beauty and optimal skin texture.

Shea butter is good for healing inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It also speeds up the healing of scars, leaving your skin smooth and shiny.


  1. Our pure organic shea butter is ready to apply on your body and is securely packaged in a glass jar to preserve the shea butter for longer.

Shea butter can be used as part of a hair mask for deep hair conditioning, face mask, bodily skincare etc.

Our shea butter is sourced from sustainable and reliable farmers in Ghana, formerly known as The Gold Coast (West Africa) which offer the best quality shea butter available on the market.

– 100% raw and organic

– Unrefined

– No added fragrance, preservatives

– Vegan friendly

– Against animal testing

– Plastic-free – all packaging we use is either aluminium or glass. We even ship our products using cardboard and recycled krafter paper bags & padding.


How Much?


How Much?


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