Key Lime Spray, Deodorant


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What you put on your skin affects what happens inside your body, as it gets in your blood. If you cannot or would not eat it, you should doubt putting it on your skin. Skincare matters (just as much as what you eat), because it can either disrupt + disturb your physiology and metabolism or support it and strengthen yourself.
For example, through the skin, the body absorbs sunlight, which benefits the bones, the brain, and sleep; it also increases the production of red blood cells and strengthens the immune system.
Our Lime Spray too has strong effects on human physiology through the skin: upgraded production of white blood cells, promotion of lymph and blood detox+cleansing, which encourages the elimination of bad odour, dampens inflammation and reduces the risk and growth of tumours (i.e., breast cancer, fibroids).
Spray it onto your armpits, into the mouth and tongue (above it and underneath it), to remove and neutralize bad odours.
It can also be used to brush your teeth, and sprayed on foods, e.g., fruits and vegetables.
100 ml



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