Date Seed Coffee, Caffeine-free


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This product has Vegetarian Society vegan accreditation.

[Made for individuals looking to reduce or break their caffeine intake addiction]

Ingredients: Roasted and Ground Date seeds.
This is a Superfood (or Superdrink, rather):

-A rich and powerful source of antioxidants.

-It strengthens the liver and the kidneys.

-It helps the body fight against infections, and repairs DNA damage.

Excellent aid against blood sugar issues (both, high and low), low energy, brain fog, constipation and bloating.

Use as coffee and/or tea.
Add a teaspoon of the date seed powder to hot water. Strain and drink.

One or Two Cups a day. One in the AM and/or one in the PM, before bedtime.

Best sweetened with our Date Syrup.



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